The 2012 and 2013 conference was originally called the Bedini-Lindemann Science & Technology Conference as a tribute to John Bedini and Peter Lindemann.

In 2014, Peter Lindemann had other commitments and was not sure he could come to the conference so to make it more general, we called the conference the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

The 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference will be the 5th annual conference!

Aaron Murakami
Producer, Energy Science & Technology Conference

Aaron Murakami

Aaron Murakami

Aaron is the founder of the Energy Science & Technology Conference, which is dedicated to uniting inventors, scientists and developers of cutting edge technologies. It also provides for a venue for like-minded hobbyists, tinkerers, researchers and others to come together to learn from some of the most recognized authorities in this field of “Free Energy” as well as networking with each other.

These conferences grew out of Aaron Murakami’s vision of creating a sustainable world by promoting clean energy technologies and educating others on the science through the presentations offered at the conference. His vision started in 1994 in both Tokyo, Japan and Spokane, Washington and he has now taken the concept to an international level.

Aaron brings a powerful combination of experience in marketing and event planning as well as having a technical background with the type of technologies discussed at the conference. Much of this understanding is self-taught but he has been fortunate enough to have been personally mentored by most of the presenters, which are considered to be the Pioneers of the modern-day free energy movement.

He has years of business experience in developing organizations and sales teams as well as having experience in the retail industry as a former owner of a nutrition store. Aaron’s online publishing business, A & P Electronic Media, was co-founded by Peter Lindemann and this company is recognized as the leading publishers of the real science behind “free energy” technologies.

The mission of the Energy Science & Technology Conference is to empower people to take this science to heart, and to be a bridge between the mainstream belief systems and these unconventional sciences for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

John Bedini
Co-Producer, Energy Science & Technology Conference

John Bedini

John Bedini

John is one of the true “living legends” of the Free Energy movement. Starting in the 1970’s with Bedini Electronics, John has become one of the premiere audio and circuit design engineers in the world. A prolific inventor, his “Bedini Audio Spatial Environments” (B.A.S.E.) remains the pinnacle of 3-Dimensional audio sound processing.

With numerous patents on audio systems, regenerative electric motors and battery charging methods, John is constantly pushing the boundaries of science and technology. His recent developments in the field of Crystal Batteries are another milestone in John’s work to produce practical appliances that essentially power themselves.

John Bedini is a humanitarian and enjoys imparting his knowledge into others who show an interest in his technologies. He is very active with charity work in his community with the Eagles, a charitable non-profit organization that donates over $100 million dollars to many different causes.

A portion of the proceeds from the Energy Science & Technology Conference is donated to a local Eagles Lodge to help support their work in the community.