2015 Energy Conference Testimonials

Aaron, It was the best one yet. I think you guys raised the bar. I’m glad I came. Thanks.” – Neil

What can I say… It was the best weekend of my life!  All the expositions where great… see my last 7 years professor Bedini live was important for me.  But being honest Eric P. Dollard was a little boring… BUT now I think he was the best for me because I always confuse aether with negative energy and the info Eric gives me let me now exactly know what electricity is! And now I remember the words of Tesla about it on a different way:  “The day when we should know exactly what electricity is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race, then it will be a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel work of nature, see the excitement coming!” –  Sigifredo Cruz Rohas


Aaron, Thanks for a great conference, for me this was better than last year and the location was good I hope I get the chance to return next year.” Gavin Brydon, UK

Hi Aaron, I very much enjoyed the conference this year.This was my first one so I can’t compare it to the others.I only went Friday and Saturday and I had to go but everything I saw and heard was great.I Wished I could have been there Sunday when John Bedini showed his kromrey Generator But I learned Alot for the 2 days that I was there and I want to thank You for making it all happen as well as all the speakers. Wonderful time. Thanks.” – Joseph R.

Day 1 – Hello all, This year’s Energy Conference 2015 continued the tradition of the past two years, in having generally excellent speakers and subject matter, along with a number of demonstrations for the touchee feelee crowd. The change of venue from Hayden to downtown Cour D’Alene was a definite upgrade and provided very easy access to a multitude of restaurants both for lunch and dinner. Downtown is the center of action during the summer with a lot of activity and visual pleasures. Free parking was available for those that were willing to walk 10 minutes – non issue. Thumbs up for the venue overall.

To this participant there were two common themes layered into the conference. The first overt theme is the breaking of the energy monopoly of the large corporations that produce and market the energy that keeps the US and a large portion of the world populace living in a comfortable style. This was a recurring emphasis throughout the seminars. Availability of “low” cost energy is the foundation of the civilized world and creature comfort, though for many it is not always or easily obtainable.
The second theme is somewhat more complex and not easily definable by the existing science. This is the “Sea of Energy” as described by T. Henry Moray in his 1960 paper THE SEA OF ENERGY IN WHICH THE EARTH FLOATS. In his perception we are all surrounded by energy, it is all around us as the primordial substance of the universe – way too complex to describe adequately here, but yet very simple in essence.

So, onward to the meat (substance) of the conference – this will be in two parts or more, as to not overload this thread or the reader.

The first presentation on Friday was by Dr. Douglas Lindstrom Basics of ECE Theory providing a theoretical basis for LENR and other over unity devices. Truly a well-organized and cogent array of alternate theory that left this participant stunned by the wealth of information. See Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies – Home and ECE theory in particular – this site is well developed and worth the research effort. Thumbs up!

The second presentation was the esteemed minister Alwyn Throckmorton on the Lord’s Prayer HOH Water Pump. A lot of anticipation on this one, but… This presentation was somewhat meandering with many diversions into the Christian faith. No problem on this end if there was more substance, design data and performance of the HOH system; not to be, zero, zilch. There was a demonstration apparatus at the conference for the seminar, but it was not activated due to some obscure technical problems. So no show and tell, at least to this participant’s knowledge. Good effort, but no cigar. Thumbs down!

Plasma Ignition Redux – Aaron Murakami’s talk on the subject was an extension of last year’s effort and worth the time and attention focus. Many interesting points and recommendations for the practical application of this concept and physical devices to combustion engines (cars). Enough information here to apply the Plasma ignition to almost any vehicle. The latest design iteration is still too new to have a sense of possible performance gains – worth checking into this. Thumbs up!

Next was the inimitable Paul Babcock – Ethanol Myth’s Debunked straying into the field of Ethanol fuels. Very well done with a great historical context of the progression of transportation fuel evolution and associated politics. Described various simple ongoing projects and methods that can produce ethanol as a fuel from most plant based products, not just corn. Showed resources and simple distilling devices that can make this a simple local reality as an alternative fuel that is environmentally friendly. Most current vehicles have flex fuel capability, after all this is a world market. Nicely done, though a bit heavy on the freedom from corporate greed philosophy. Thumbs up!

Lastly, there was John Bedini giving a very interesting and lively overview of the progression in the alternative energy field over the past 40 or so years. His experiences over this time period are very revealing. You had to be there to appreciate the subject matter covered. Look for the video! However, this write up would not be complete without mentioning the presentation of the Bedini-Cole Window motor device. The device was encased in a plexiglass case, looking somewhat other worldly, or perhaps alien. John B removed the plastic case and cranked the device up and let it run during the course of his talk. Powered by a couple of AA batteries (claimed to be at least 5 or more years old) the device’s propeller started slowly and the flashing green LEDs weak and slow. Not to worry, by the end of his talk the propeller was spinning rapidly and the LEDs flashing rapidly and brightly. I missed checking out those old AA batteries at the end, whatever, point made. More to come…

The above is this writer’s view and opinion; these perceptions are reflective of the current state of the Aether, planetary alignments and volume of caffeine intake.

First presentation by Graham Gunderson – Over Unity Disclosure was a highly promoted talk for revealing an advanced transformer design. Graham setup a miniature laboratory at the head table with an overwhelming array of sophisticated electronics, O scope, etc. All connected to his laptop and accompanying slide presentation. His presentation was highly technical and delivered in a high energy fast paced style. One did have to keep focus to assimilate the assault of imagery and verbal points. The tremendous amount of transformer design details and operational characteristics became a bit overwhelming for the technically challenged – but very understandable. The particular transformer design that was the subject of this talk was shown and detailed – this design was measured by Graham at about 106 percent. Unfortunately Graham did not have a handout available of the design details, much to the chagrin of many conference participants. Looking forward to this video! Thumbs Up!

Second presentation William Lyne – The Parallel Propulsion Researches of N. Tesla and J.J. Thompson. A fascinating account of the history surrounding Tesla’s work on propulsion systems by a very engaging and well-spoken presenter. It is unusual to have Lyne’s broad and specific experience in this field available for one on one conversations, somehow he manages to convey this experience to his audience. The talk was loaded with information and one came away with the distinct impression that much of Tesla’s later work on propulsion systems was suppressed through the intervention of “the powers that be”. Interesting to note that in the late 1930’s there was a laboratory in the Southwestern US that had many noteworthy scientists involved – including Tesla and the then German Wernher Von Braun. Anyway, all this was enough to trigger enough interest to buy his book on the subject. Plenty of comments and strange stares about this book from fellow passengers on the flight back to VT. Thumbs Up!

Third presentation Paul Babcock – Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 3. This presentation was an easily understandable overview of the science and physical laws that govern the works of energy magnification devices. Liberally used multiple slides, diagrams and pictures to make his points understandable to the intelligent laymen. There was some side tracking into the continual creation of positive energy in making the “secret” knowledge available to everyone for the betterment of the planet. On the whole very well done – the video of this will be very useful to many wanting a comprehensive view of the subject. Thumbs Up! As an aside, the progress on the SERPS device is moving ahead with the patent work and detailing the workings of the device. The expectation is that completion of the device and its testing is about 18 months out. As usual, the devil is in the details.

Fourth presentation Jim Murray – Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 4. James Murray has been a researcher in this field for many years and he provided a historical perspective of the evolution of the Dynaflux Generator along with many historical side notes. The talk itself was very comprehensive, giving many design details of the generator through a liberal use of slides, diagrams and equations. Very much respect this researcher and his lifelong commitment to opening up access to devices that produce a net power magnification. Very impressive with a great historical context. Somehow, did not have the opportunity to pigeon hole him with questions – he was always surrounded by conference participants peppering him with questions. Truly appreciate his style and technical competence. Thumbs Up! Missed the opportunity in getting his take on the progress of the SERPS device.

Fifth presentation Panel Discussion – Jean Manning moderator. The panel discussion first gave an introduction to all the speakers and a quick summary of perspective. The question and answer period continued for some time. One can assume that a video will be available shortly. Too many points to remember and detail here. Thumbs Up!

It was gratifying to note the increased attendance by the younger generation. The addition of the EE students via the Conference scholarships was a brilliant move – credit is due to the anonymous donor. Thumbs Up!

There are points and details that have been missed – anyone having additional thoughts and details do chime in.

After a couple of intense days of information overload it took a bit of time Sunday morning to get up to speed. Fortunately the coffee shop, two streets up was open, otherwise everything else on the main drag was closed at the early hour. Bumped into a couple of early attendees and William Lyne in front of the venue and became engaged in a pleasant conversation until the doors opened.
This was a very interesting day, fitting as an end to the conference by indulging more into the unknown realms of reality.

First presentation Stephen P. McGreevy – on the Art of natural VLF Radio Recording, Great way to start the day with a pleasant and laid back seminar. Very unusual way to start with strange and weird whistles cracks and pops emanating from the sound system, along with an auroral display on the screen. Stephen travels through western Canada during the months of maximum atmospheric electrical activity and records the background electrical noises produced by the aurora and lightning. Usually called static by some, but Earth music to Stephen. Many interesting and unusual sounds were presented along with stunning pictures of aurora. Enchanting to see and hear the ever present and pervasive electrostatic/ electrical activity around us. Nice – check out his site and recordings… Thumbs Up!

John Polakowski was scheduled next – had been looking forward to this one – but John was detained by other events so we were treated to two stand-in presenters.

Gunderson cranked up his electronics and played with settings to eventually produce on screen all the background electrical noise within the localalized area, very interesting. In the meantime he spoke at length about his experience in the field of magnetics – all very interesting. Mentioned how barium magnets have become very difficult to obtain since they are only manufactured in China. Barium magnets are the preferred composition for a number of Alt E devices out there and then this segued to John Bedini’s surprise presentation on the Kromrey machine.

The Kromrey device displayed is a somewhat modest and simple looking device with a small electric motor on the top. It is the last surviving example of about a dozen machines (based on Kromrey’s patent) that were built/modified by Bedini and associates back in the 1980’s and according to John B. embody all the principles of his other devices. It is not difficult to build, but does require the use of the aforementioned Barium magnets.

The device was setup and Tom C. was the tech doing all the hookups. I was walking by during the setup process and suddenly startled by a flash and bang with a cloud of smoke. OOPs a shorted battery wire – easily corrected with a short time delay to clear up the smoke – fortunately the sprinklers did not trigger. The device was cranked up and produced a clear noise at a given frequency. JB proceeded to add a load to the output side and the device speed up. Very evident! This was done several times to ensure that it was not a fluke. John demonstrated the device lighting an AC resistance bulb, and then outputting back to the charge battery. When the load was applied the Kromrey machine speeded up.

In the background, the hall screen displayed the ambient electrical background noise produced by the Kromrey machine. The pattern was an expanding/contracting wave form composed of many discrete spikes. Very interesting! John B. then dragged big Paul Babcock over to touch the base of the Kromrey machine – Paul was somewhat befuddled by this request, but ambled over and placed his hand on the base. His facial expression said it all – the base of the Kromrey was Cooold. Q.E.D.!!!

Well sir, it appears that the barn door is now open – certainly hope that there is a video of this… A thumb is too small for this one – so Fist Up!

Eric Dollard – The Aether as Related to Music and Electricity ; Always a pleasure to hear Eric Dollard speak, his presentations are a marathon packed full of new ideas and perspectives backed up with solid research and science. Eric’s energy level is strong as witnessed by this seminar. The beginning subject matter was exclusively historical as to how the musical scales developed over the centuries – there was a short sidebar describing antenna design and its relation to harmonics with the musical scale. This lecture by the Prof continued on for quite a period of time, and in essence it was truly fascinating to see and learn about the interrelationship of sound and electromagnetic waves. Best to wait for the video since this writer is not capable of accurately describing the breadth of the presentation in the limited space available here. Personal Kudo’s to Eric for this awesome effort in explaining the interrelationship of sound and electricity. Love his wit and excellent presentation!!! I only have two thumbs, so Two Thumbs up!

Ending Thoughts – In summation, this conference has raised its level of presentations and speakers to a very good level, this is progress in the goal to spread the once hidden(?) knowledge to a much wider audience. Everyone benefits! Very Pleased personally to see that the insidious paranoia first observed back at the 2012 conference is slowly dissolving – this negative energy is being replaced with a more positive outlook and energetic (no pun intended here) attitude. It is an oxymoron to not understand that the most positive attracts all the lesser charges. This be the case here if properly cultivated.

On a more mundane note the bathroom situation at the Eagle Lodge venue leaves much to be desired. The men’s four holer is inadequate for the 100+ males in attendance during seminar breaks, this fact certainly created a break in the rhythm of the proceedings – for the time being the women’s facilities are more than adequate. On a more ending positive note the sidewalk tables outside of the Lodge along with the servers were a pleasure.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Enough said on this subject” – Yaro S.

“Hello John B, Peter, Aaron,Chuck and John II…ha…ha… Just sending my sincere thanks for the conference. The conference was really inspiring to me. I was especially pleased to get a chance to talk to John B. I wasn’t really expecting that. I came away kicking myself for not trying harder to get to talk to him more. I have a few questions that would help clarify some things. For example what is the specific geometry of the window motor such that impedance is not too high or even what relationship does the number of turns or length of wire have to the power of the mags. Anyway, it was really great hearing Paul Babcock and Also David. It occurs to me that rather than even having to “use” power to saturate the core one might use an amped up Leedskalnin PMM to maintain the saturation for free etc. Don’t know it that’s possible. Anyway I was really inspired and would love to be on the mailing list for anything like it in the future.” – Bob G. (Shale)

“I really liked the conference and plan to attend next year. What impressed me most was the accessibility of the speakers. All of you spent so much answering questions. That really set the tone of the meeting.” – Mark

“The conference was not only outstanding but inspirational. These kind of events are a must if our world is to move forward with new discoveries. It is my sincere hope that the conference becomes an annual event.” – Marty Frantz

“Yes I made it from Northern Canada again, this was a wonderful conference as were the others. This was a special one,and having it at the Eagles with its relaxed setting made for a great weekend, the one on one time available to all was wonderful. The extra time and being able to share a few pints right on site allowed us to make friends, not just casual participants in a ordinary conference… A special thanks to John Bedini for his extra 41 pages of drawings and explanations of how to build magnetic motors in his second edition of Free Energy Generation .I read it twice while waiting in airports on my way home, and for me it clears up much of the unknown about magnetism . Having purchased and experimented with various kits from previous conferences I was still in the dark about what was really happening. Thank you John for your foresight and generosity. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to pursue building magnetic motors get a copy of John’s book and read it till they understand it. The Crystal Battery building workshop was very good . I believe some of us would attend a few weekend specific topic workshops through out the year if it was possible. Being part of hands on building something is a very productive way of transferring knowledge. I hope 2013 will see conference number 4, if so, you can put my name down now as a certain attendee.” – Ken Rombough

“Thank you for putting on this conference. I learned so much from this one event, amazing. I am especially interested in the super efficient motor technology.” – Jerry

“Thank you for making such a dramatic improvement over last years conference (Conference 2011 and back were organized by someone else). The information was clearer and much better presented. A much more professional and organized showing this year! I can appreciate only some of the slings, arrows and trials that have been endured, to reach this point. There is an ever growing community of people, prepared to stand up and defend what is true, right and correct. I’m sure that I speak for the majority, when I say, please remember to call on us, if help and support is ever required. Again, thank you for making this years conference so much improved.” – Will

“This was my first such conference in 30 years, the last being a 1982 U.S. Psychotronics Conference in Boulder , Colorado. It was well run and well supported by your people… The information presented was good. Do you think Aaron M.’s spark technology parallels Intelegentry’s Plasmic Transition Phase motor/plasma engine, the latest incarnation of the Papp motor? I wish he could have presented, or you could have had someone there from Intelegentry. I saw that motor represented on the slide show by Jeane Manning, but no time left to describe it to everyone… Most important to me, were the contacts I made at the conference. Houston is nowhere near as open an environment as the Pacific Northwest , and I have been eagerly anticipating involvement in Free Energy networking since I moved here 2 years ago.” – Steve Grubbs

“Many thanks for this conference. The organization was perfect and the presentations were excellent. My language skills did not always allow me to catch every detail of the talks ; that is why I will be particularly interested in accessing to the videos, as soon as they will be available.” – NB, France

“Yes, we are interested in the videos. Yes, we both enjoyed the conference, their presentations & information and are glad we attended.” – Kathleen

“Flying from Germany (where I live) to Idaho was a LONG flight, but the rewards from seeing, learning, and connecting to others with similar ‘interests, experiences, and goals for life’ was well worth the time and cost of attending the Bedini-Lindemann Conference! Further, I was impressed with the patience, time, and knowledge shared by John B, and Peter L with ALL the participants at the 2012 Conference. I truly felt a part of the Conference and not just a number, or bystander attending. This is something I will try to attend each year! I teach in Germany at a US Dept of Defense school (for US military kids) and have taught and made Bedini projects for the past 6 years with my Technology / Beginning Electronics classes. We have used Bedini DVDs and Youtube downloads as a guide in our attempts at mastering the concepts behind his motor/generators and lighting. After attending the 2012 Conference in Idaho I will be able to take my teaching to a new level and challenge my students even more due to the networking with others, personal visits with John, Chuck, and others, and being able to purchase materials I was able to send back to Germany for my students. I will try to make this an ‘annual’ event as the wealth of knowledge, presenters, and experience I gained will be with me for decades to come. If I didn’t get to visit with you this year, I will hope that next year I may be able to make new friends and improve my net-working with fellow “Bedinians”. – Jim Davis, Tech Ed’n / (pre)Engineering teacher – DoD’s teacher, Germany

“A “grassroots” movement can change the world. Enjoyed the trip, meeting new friends, and the wonderful weather!” – John, Alabama

“Taking a few moments to tell you and the conference organizers how great the Bedini – Lindeman conference was. I had signed up back in February after speaking with Peter Lindemann and later became very enthused when the speaker listing was posted. It was a long journey from Vermont to the civilized Hayden area, but it was worth every minute and dollar. I truly enjoyed the majority of speakers with the high point of the conference being the last three speakers: 1) Paul Babcock gave a tremendously useful seminar that was simple and straightforward such that anyone paying attention could grasp the principles of magnetics and why magnetism can produce energy. His show and tell of the high speed switching motor left me wanting to see and hear more – ran out of time… 2) Dave Squires’ seminar on the pulsed DC motor was more technical, yet comprehensible. His step by step explanation of how to overcome the major issues in standard dc motor design was absolutely great – his solutions to old problems in a real world design, well, brilliant. He even used a standard design software to prove the elegance of his solutions in producing a motor design that yields an output of 1 hp on 200 watts of input. I guess the world has turned on its head… 3) Peter Lindemann’s seminar on the history of perpetual motion machines was an instant classic. He raised many important questions on some of the basic classical laws of thermodynamics – his injection of humor was very appreciated for an otherwise dry, though interesting subject. Very thought provoking… The other speakers also held my interest and I came away with a good appreciation of their knowledge, information and expertise – all were very good… Last, but not least, John Bedini’s continual presence and patient answering of endless questions certainly raised my respect for him, both as a person and as a teacher. Oh yes, his presentation was a hoot with the questions and answers. Thank you John… In closing, this conference, in my opinion, was truly an excellent and thought provoking experience – met many great people from all over this country and abroad with perhaps the beginnings of many new worthwhile friendships. So, sign me up for the next course. Best regards to all, including the Korean, Beijing and Hong Kong Boys; Craig G, Bud M, Gadgetman, John J, John R, Mike (San Diego), Ralph (SSG), Andrew J, Breeeee and side kick, Owen M and many others.” – Yaro Stanchak

“I greatly appreciated all of it. Especially appreciated getting better gas mileage from the gadget man.Otherwise, I’m not an expert in electronics, so I only understood other lecturers in part. It was well worth the cost of the seminar though.” – Dr. Loyd Jacob

“Thank you for organizing and making this energy conference happen. I thought the conference was very well organized and there was an abundance of excellent information presented, especially from Paul Babcock and David Squires. Unfortunately, I had to leave the conference a little early and couldn’t take in Peter Lindemann’s talk. I think Peter always has excellent information and is a good presenter of that information. So, I am looking forward to hearing his talk when it is made available. My personal goal is to develop a free energy motor or transformer. I am always inspired by these conferences to apply myself to achieve that goal. Thanks again for this excellent conference. The trip from Edmonton is well worth it.” – Dan Wiebe, Edmonton, Alberta

“Amazing conference. I very much enjoyed the conference. The speakers were great, the venue was just the right size, it was well organized and how about those Idaho potatoes/ Aaron and Chuck did a great job of organizing and all the people I spoke to had a great time. John Bedini split his lecture into two parts, he wanted to spend a little time on answering some of the questions that come up on the forums on the Monopole. Ralph brought his 6 coiler super-pole Monopole to John’s shop for a “tune up” and John asked if he would mind showing it off at the conference. Ralph did a great job building this from pictures on the Internet and the Bearden-Bedini FEG book. We ran some tests in the shop the day before the conference which showed 9 times the output than input! We did this 3 times to be sure it wasn’t just a fluffy charge. There is no secret to doing this, you just have to build it like John says how to build – that’s it! John pulled me out of the audience to explain how to tune the Monopole, I only reinforced everything that John has been saying for years. The second part of John’s lecture was on the crystal batteries, this was a great presentation followed up by everyone making their own to take home with them. Kudos to Chuck for getting all of the kits together. The two big crystal batteries John and Chuck made were awesome, powering a large bank of LEDs. I also met lots of great people who are all passionate about the same thing. It was great to have a relaxing environment where you could network with people from all backgrounds and different parts of the world. I can hardly wait for the next conference.” – John K.