Presentation: PLASMA IGNITION – HIGH SPEED PLASMA & NITROGEN – THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THERMAL COMBUSTIVE ENERGY FROM HHO – For the same amount of energy as a common CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition), Aaron can demonstrate a ball of plasma at the plug gap that is hundreds of times bigger and much faster. He didn’t invent this form of plasma effect, but he did innovate the most simplified, efficient and elegant way to produce it. This plasma is very fast and can release more energy from fuel than any other ignition. It has been shown by government tests to extend the lean burn limits in gasoline engines meaning that the engine can safely run on a lean mixture much leaner than is conventionally believed to be possible. This plasma method also is the foundational circuit upon which Aaron’s “Gray Tube” experiments evolved from. Aaron has also put forward a compilation of documentation from Stanley Meyer, which many Meyer “experts” deny even exist. It shows that nitrogen is the key element, which needs to be added to HHO to prevent the formation of the water molecule after water fuel burns. That slows down the burn and lowers the temperature of the HHO fuel allowing the HHO to burn with a BTU closer to that of gasoline. Learn more at Plasma Ignition & Water Fuel Secrets