To better understand the presentations at the conference and who will be presenting, here are some recommended books & videos or links…

KEN ROCHON – This is not a presentation about energy technologies but about how to spread the word about energy technologies using social media. Ken is an professional promotional photographer, event promoter and online marketing expert who will share some of his method with the audience. His website is here:

MORAY KING – He has 3 books available on, which are classics in this breakthrough energy field – The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray, Tapping the Zero Point Energy, and Quest for Zero Point Energy Engineering Principles for Free Energy.

PROFESSOR ROBERT HARALICK – Here is his website that has a bio and links to much of his work:

ERIC DOLLARD –  Specific to this conference presentation, it is highly recommended you watch these free videos: those are classic videos from Borderland where Eric demonstrates the differences between transverse electromagnetic waves and longitudinal dielectric waves, which are “faster than the speed of light”. This paid presentation, Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson, is considered Part 1 and is highly recommended as this new presentation is Part 2. Eric will go deeper into this subject than he ever has. Here is his homepage:

AARON MURAKAMI – Friday night after dinner is a short bonus presentation, which I announced to the attendees already. For this presentation, read Chapter 9 of Bedini SG – The Complete Advanced Handbook –

On Saturday morning is my presentation on the Plasma Ignition Motor and its analogy to the Ed Gray Motor. Go through my YouTube channel and watch the free videos on the Plasma Ignition and the Plasma motor – and if you want all the background on the Plasma Ignition circuit itself, get – for further study on the Ed Gray Motor, get

Saturday evening’s bonus presentation may or may not include a working demo – depends on if we can get the driver circuit for a special motor done in time. We will show the motor and give a presentation on it anyway. Study this page and it’s links carefully:

JOHN BEDINI – His presentation is secret, but you can visit to learn more about his work. Information related to this presentation is in his site, but we just can’t tell you what it is yet. The same presentation is already on DVD and will be available at the conference for purchase as well as a companion book.

GRAHAM GUNDERSON – Watch this youtube video: this was before last year’s presentation but what he describes with an engine analogy of a compression cycle, etc… magnetically is actually what he is presenting this year. For last year’s presentations, visit

JIM MURRAY – He will be disclosing a lot of information about this machine: – his other presentation from last year is here:

PAUL BABCOCK – Watch the free videos on my youtube channel – just search for Paul Babcock. Also, this year’s presentation will be Part 4 of Magnetic Energy Secrets where Paul will be disclosing information about his motor that he has never publicly discussed. You can get Parts 1 to 3 here:

MICHAEL WATERS – Learn a bit about his development of the most efficient wind generator that produces electricity in less than 1 mile per hour wind. his talk will go into Open System Thermodynamics and the wind generator is but one small piece of his presentation. Open Systems is the most important concept to understand in breakthrough energy technologies in some of our opinion.

SPECIAL PRESENTER – There is a recommendation above that applies to this presentation but I can’t mention which one. You will see something that has never been publicly demonstrated and I got to see it work a few days ago and it is something that will have many attendees scratching their heads. There are actually two parts to this presentation and we’re sure you will enjoy both of them.

PANEL DISCUSSION – This is an open Q & A with any of the presenters that want to join in. You can watch the 2014 one here: and the 2015 one here:

After the conference, the plan is to release one to two videos per week so that everything is released by the end of August. They will be available as digital downloadable mp4 videos through Clickbank. You can see the rest of the catalog here: