We have a new contest and two lucky college students will be picked as the winner who will win:
  • Up to $500 each for travel expenses plus,
  • A paid hotel room that they will share with the other winner plus,
  • Your admission to the conference itself will be paid for!

This is all made possible by an anonymous donor who wants to encourage the younger generation to take part in these sciences, get inspired and take it out to the world and make it a better place.

This is for the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference, which will be in Hayden, Idaho on July 8, 9 & 10 this summer.
To win this contest – here are the requirements and it is very simple…
1. You must be 25 or under – this is to encourage more participation by the younger generation.

2.  You must be an Electrical or Mechanical Engineering student who is currently enrolled in a University – you can be in any year of your program.

3. Write your full biography and below that, write a 1000 word essay about what you hope to learn at the conference, what part of these energy sciences inspires you the most and how you intend to apply this knowledge to make the world a better place.

4. Email this essay and a scanned copy of your student ID or other proof of your current enrollment to Aaron at info at emediapress.com with the subject line STUDENT ESSAY.
These essays will be posted for everyone to see some of the speakers will be asked to pick the two winners. Please look at this conference website very carefully and look at the past speakers and the upcoming speakers so you can get an idea of what this conference is about.
Good luck to you all!
p.s. You are still eligible for this even if you have already submitted payment for the conference.