Hi Everyone,

When you arrive at the conference, please refrain from parking in the parking lot right out front. Go around to the West side of the property and come through the gate and park in the field.

You may park in the front lot if you have a disabled permit or need other assistance getting to and from your vehicle.

Here is a picture of the parking area…

Eagle's Lodge Parking for Energy Conference

Eagle’s Lodge Parking for Energy Conference

As you come into the West gate, to the LEFT is the long strip in front of those trees – there is a fence that is hard to see in this picture, but park straight in pointing to the fence.

As you come into the West gate, to the RIGHT, park in the same manner along the fence.

Do not drive out into the field unless instructed to do so because you may run over water sprinklers.

As a note, the weather forecast is for the high 70F’s so it will not be too hot. You still might want a sweater or jacket for the conference room in case we need to turn on the AC.

The conference is in the building all the way to the right. Enter the building through the glass doors through the NORTH entrance that faces the asphalt parking lot.

If you’re in the area on Thursday, July 7th, at 7pm, come to the lodge and check in and pick up your badge(s) early. This will help us get started on time Friday morning.

On Friday, the doors will open at 645am to check in and pick up your badges and we’ll get started at 8am sharp.

See you there!

Aaron Murakami