WALT JENKINS – Last year, Moray King presented and started his presentation with a video about Walt’s technology and considers him the modern-day Stanley Meyer. Moray has been researching this field for a long time and knows a lot of people – more than most and for him to say that holds a lot of weight. This is all we’ll mention at this moment until we get his bio posted on the speaker’s page.

JAMES ROBITAILLE – From the beginning of the QEG (Quantum Electromagnetic Generator) phenomena, we have remained very quiet and have not posted any promotions or negative press about it simply because we did not have enough information to know the validity. Peter Lindemann had posted a couple comments on Energetic Forum based on his personal past experience with some of the precursor technology to the QEG back in the 1980’s, which did achieve overunity results as verified by Eric Dollard to be 108%. Anytime anyone asked me about the QEG, I would refer them to those posts, which some have seen as being less than favorable to the QEG. Last year, Peter had a video conference with the QEG organization including Hope Moore (Hope Girl) and James Robitaille and conceded that there may indeed be some extra aspects to the QEG that he had not previously considered, which could lead to a viable overunity electrical generator if thoroughly developed and proven out. This year, James will be presenting at our conference for the first time along with a live demonstration and we are more than happy to give him this opportunity! The topic will be about multiple order harmonics as related to how the core material itself can come into resonance and help contribute to the total output of the machine.

GEOFFREY MILLER – In the 1980’s Geoffrey personally worked with the legendary Joseph Newman for about 10 years. Newman shared much about his technology with Geoffrey that he wasn’t openly sharing with others. Online, there are many replication attempts and out of everything online, there only appears to be one single builder who actually built it right. Why? Surprisingly, after all these years, there is actually more that is unknown about the Newman Machine than is known (to the public). Although Geoffrey has presented on Newman’s technology in the past, he has never given a full disclosure and that is exactly what he will be doing at this year’s Energy Science & Technology Conference. He’s also going to be bringing a model to demonstrate live! For the first time, you will have all the information necessary to replicate a real Newman Machine – another historical disclosure.

MYSTERY PRESENTER – A demonstration of one of John Bedini’s most coveted technologies will be presented along with a full disclosure on how to replicate it. This is all we will say about it to honor John’s tradition of just surprising you at the presentation time.