Day after tomorrow, we’re going to be releasing a package of information from Jim Murray and it is the first step you should take if you are to understand his technology and principles.

See this to get caught up on what this is about:

It will show the origin of what inspired his solid state circuit that you saw in the demo that was producing 100 watts of heat for only 5 watts consumption from the power supply.

If you remember, he even changed the waveform so that while 100 watts of heat was dissipated in the heating element, it was sending back 30 extra watts to the power supply meaning that essentially nothing was being drawn from the power supply!!!

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock will be giving a knockout presentation at the conference in regards to this entire concept of “reactive power” or actually “reactive watts” – something that most seasoned engineers have never heard of and certainly never learned about in school. It will require a paradigm shift in thinking in order to see this in the proper way. That presentation will be released after the conference but in the meantime, keep an eye out this Thursday for a link to an absolute must have, which is the best primer for what you will be learning later on.