Listed in the order that the presentations are given.

Thursday 415pm~545pm COMMUNICATION & COOPERATION IN NATURE (90 min)

Dr. Rainer Viehweger studied medicine at the Szent-Györgyi-Albert Medical University in Hungary. He qualified as an orthopedic surgeon at the famous Berlin Humboldt University. He also trained in acupuncture, chiropractics and many other complementary methods which include magnetic field therapies, Scenar, myofascial Trigger shock wave therapy, Psychosomatic Energy and assessing and treating the informational body field.

As part of his long quest to find new ways of dealing with chronic pain syndromes, he found out about the Global Scaling Theory in 2003. He took a postgraduate course at Dr. Hartmut Müller’s Research Institute in 2006. Besides his work of teaching practitioners and doing R&D he still runs a holistic medical practice where he applies the principles of the New Physics. He also devotes some time to spread knowledge about scaling so that it can be used in more areas of life as the principle of communication and cooperation. Dr. Viehweger has published numerous articles about both conventional and complementary medicine and a book, Understanding the Universe through Global Scaling, that discusses the physics of the organization of matter with applications to health and biology.


Rainer Viehweger, MD, orthopedic specialist, Germany
co-authored by Prof. Robert Haralick and Hartmut Müller

The theory of global scaling developed by Hartmut Müller to explain the global scaling phenomenon describes the preferred distribution of matter on its lowest energy state. The theory is based on the fact that the number continuum itself is the source, or the origin of life on all scales. Numbers themselves are oscillators; and the inner structure of these oscillators presents itself when numbers are expressed as continued fractions.

Resonance phenomena occur when oscillating systems form whole number or rational relationships with each other. Over time, such resonance becomes destructive and destabilizes the system until the system destroys itself. Therefore, nature found the solution for avoiding destructive resonance by creating ratios between resonant oscillating systems in chain systems of harmonic oscillators based on whole number or rational powers of Euler´s number.

All matter in the Universe is made of protons and electrons. Protons and electrons are the most stable spacetime oscillators known in physics. Creating long lasting stability requires relationships between oscillatory systems made of physical properties of protons and electrons that avoid destructive resonance the most. The fundamental fractal used in global scaling represents the density spectrum of transcendental numbers on the natural logarithmic scale. After calibration of the logarithmic scale with physical properties of the proton or electron, it is possible to determine optimal ranges of the physical properties of any natural oscillatory systems.

In physiology, the same laws should apply because biological bodies consist of protons and electrons. In this work, we use a set of heart rate variability (HRV) data provided by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. from the HeartMath Institute which was derived from a person who showed an HRV pattern representing the most coherent state. We analyze the data conventionally using two often applied HRV indices. In a third step, we provide the global scaling analysis of the data. As our result we find an astonishing match of the measured data with the fundamental fractal of about 85%.


Aaron will be co-presenting with Eric Dollard – most likely Borderlands Part 3

Aaron Murakami has a Bachelors of Science in Natural Health and is a founder and organizer of the Energy Science & Technology Conference as well as A & P Electronic Media. He has open sourced many gigabytes of his work in Energetic Forum for many years – that includes his work on the plasma ignition, the “Gray Tube”, the water fuel cell technology, and others. He is also a founder of Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum, which has a combined membership of over 130,000. Aaron is committed to the development and distribution of highly disruptive information. He is a former health food store owner and has spearheaded many ventures. He is a consultant to several technology groups. His books include The Quantum Key, Course in Mind Power and Redox Signaling Molecules. His invention of the world’s most efficient plasma ignition system that ignites water in an engine has been awarded a U.S. Patent. At the 2017 ESTC, his presentation Hacking the Aether set a new standard for a simple to understand Unified Field model based on a dynamic and fluid Aether.

Aaron is the only manufacturer of a legitimate Rife frequency generator, a sideband generator, in North America. The RPX, invented by John Bedini, is able to use an external signal generator so that it can function as a universal harmonic generator. Many people are fans of various frequencies such as 432Hz, 528Hz, etc. Although many people are familiar with using those direct frequency, what is not very well known is that the real power to these frequencies is in their harmonics and not of the specific frequency itself. With simple elementary school mathematics, you can calculate what frequencies you need to input into the RPX in order to create sidebands are harmonically rich with your desired frequency taking your frequency research to another level.

Aaron will be covering the math and the how to and this will be followed up with a segment by Paul Babcock who will go into the science of harmonics as it relates to this science.


Paul will also have a solo presentation – TO BE ANNOUNCED

Paul Babcock has thirty years of experience in industrial electronic applications, as a technician, training specialist, service manager, project manager and applications and design engineer. Paul has worked with public entities and private organizations in fields ranging from avionics, power generation, telephony and alternative energy. He has broad experience designing and implementing custom communication and electronics systems in both the public and private sectors, and in developing large-scale communications solutions for the oil and gas industry. Paul is recognized for his expertise in alternative energy systems and power generation for companies and individuals, especially in remote locations. You can find the last presentations by Paul, Magnetic Energy Secrets 1, 2 & 3, The Secret of Tesla’s Power Magnification & Babcock DC Motor Disclosure. Paul’s 2017 presentation was The Universal Medium, which focused heavily on the Lakhovsky MWO (multiwave oscillator). In 2018, he gave a follow up presentation called The Living Earth.

Paul will be covering the ins and outs of harmonics and how it applies to this science.


Victor Sagalovsky is the cofounder of Litewater Scientific, the first and only super deuterium-depleted light water in the world, where he has dedicated himself to the field of deuterium depletion.

Victor has researched the benefits of deuterium-depleted water through his theory entitled Endogenous Radiation Damage Theory of Aging. It proposes that our biggest obstacle to longevity is the excess deuterium and other damaging isotopes on the planet and proper mitigation will radically extend our lifespans.

He attended Loyola University and the University of Hawaii where he pursued multidisciplinary education. He has completed apprenticeships and graduate coursework in chemistry, optical microscopy, and molecular biology.

He is the author of many articles and guides in the field of wellness, biohacking, emerging and alternative medicine, technology, mysticism, and esoteric wisdom.

Outside of the water category, Victor is the author of Gold: Catalyst of Radiant Health, a book about the history and science of the medicinal benefits of gold, and is adept in gold alchemy and the making of ORME’s.

Hakasays is a builder and experimenter that has been studying fringe sciences his entire life. His interests and projects have spanned a wide array of fields, from electronics to computers to engineering and machining. His guiding doctrine is that of MacGyver and Robert Heinlein, that “specialization is for insects”.

He’s attended multiple ESTC conferences and gleaned many useful ideas and experiments from the presenters and attendees, especially from the technically-focused presenters.

His most recent works follow Eric Dollard’s foray into Seismic Forecasting, Tesla Coils, Cosmic Induction, and parametric variation.

Build a Tesla Coil (the way Tesla built them) is meant to serve as a crash-course into simple, practical Tesla Coil design and construction.

We’ll be touching on a some of the differences between ‘modern’ Tesla Coils and the coils that Tesla build, and why the coils today look so different from the ones Tesla photographed in Colorado Springs.

According to Wikipedia, a ‘Tesla Coil’ requires two or three coils, but most of the coils we’re working with only have one. No primary. No secondary. Just a single Extra coil is all that is needed to achieve even great effects. Eric Dollard demonstrated this himself with his Cosmic Induction Generator experiments at the 2021 ESTC conference.

The coils we will be working with are in-fact quite a bit simpler than the plans you will find on the Internet. You don’t need high voltage transformers or expensive measuring equipment to build coils. With luck, you might even be able to light full florescent bulbs from several feet away using only a couple watts.

Through experimentation we’ve also refined Eric Dollard’s coil calculator formulas, and compiled them together into a simple online calculator, so new builders can predict with great accuracy how their coils might perform before they even build them.

Enjoy the crash course, and buckle-up J


Professor Robert M. Haralick received a B.A. degree in mathematics from the University of Kansas in 1964, a B.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1966, and a M.S. degree in electrical engineering in 1967. In 1969, after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Kansas, he joined the faculty of the electrical engineering department, serving as professor from 1975 to 1978. In 1979 he joined the electrical engineering department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he was a professor and director of the spatial data analysis laboratory. From 1984 to 1986 he served as vice president of research at Machine Vision International, Ann Arbor, MI and occupied a Boeing Professorship in the department of electrical engineering at the University of Washington from 1986 through 2000. At UW, he was an adjunct professor in the computer science and bioengineering department. In 2000 Professor Haralick accepted a Distinguished Professorship position at the computer science department of the Graduate Center, City University of New York. At the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference, he presented: Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic Field Experiments, Robert M. Haralick, Guy Obolensky and Loren Zanier.


Griffin Brock is a mathematician and experimenter who focuses on the development of new electrical concepts and inventions, which pertain to the field of power distribution and radio frequency engineering. Although having recently completed high school, he is a self taught engineer who is predisposed to understanding the function of natural phenomena through the lens of an electrical standpoint.

He has presented at the last two ESTC conferences, the first being on the successful replication of Eric Dollard’s Seismic Forecasting system, as applied to a suburban backyard setting. The latter being a scale model representation of a three phase distribution system, whereby the negative effects of wye-wye connected transformers were shown in detail.

Recently, Griffin has poured his attention and research into the realm of high frequency, high vacuum phenomena in reference to Nikola Tesla’s evacuated light giving bulbs and other related vacuum chambers. In similar context to the cosmic induction generator as constructed by Eric P. Dollard, he has been replicating many historical lamp devices and enclosed glass vacuum chambers for special phenomena research.

As the need for certain high frequency generating apparatuses are required for this line of research, Griffin has explored the perfection of a resonant coil and Tesla configured transformer, by improving its magnification factor, by which Tesla himself was able to take advantage of. Working alongside with fellow colleagues Eric P. Dollard and Hakasays, it has now become possible to mathematically synthesize the approximate characteristics of a special Tesla resonant transformer, as he has contributed mathematical analysis to its understanding.

Along with pioneering the modern version of Tesla’s telluric communications system the way Tesla would have done it, he is working systematically on gathering quantitative data and experimental findings to improve this system in its most simplistic form.

Other than focusing on intensive experimental efforts, Griffin continues to study engineering through the realm of Eric Dollard, by transcribing his papers into books, and by continuing to reference so-called outdated texts on the subject.

Relating descriptions for presentations:

To be presented first, is a continuation of last year’s presentation on Nikola Tesla’s light giving high vacuum devices, although a far better demonstration will be given with more sophisticated vacuum bulbs and powering devices. Certain unusual effects will be observed both in the vacuum, and in certain metallic mixtures.

The following presentation will cover recent findings and developments in the improvement and practice of Telluric radio communication, as applied to Tesla’s longitudinal propagation through the Earth. A brief demonstration will be given, exploring the characteristics of specially designed Tesla Coils, which do not require more than one coil.


Adrian Marsh was originally trained in the 1980s as an electronic engineer specializing in RF, microwave, and solid state technologies. Early research projects included the practical design and implementation of a cryogenically cooled microwave linear amplifier for mm-wave astronomical applications, and practical research in the electromagnetic properties of the high-gain cross-field antenna. These early research projects included comprehensive training and experience in a wide range of measurement techniques using sophisticated equipment, including network and impedance analysis, RF power measurement, and time-domain reflectometry.

In the 1990s Adrian joined the Microelectronics Research Centre, at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University to firstly develop cryogenic integrated linear amplifiers for satellite and astronomical applications. This quickly gave way to a fascination in researching solid state quantum effect devices including, the quantum hall effect, ballistic coherent electron conduction, nano-scale charging, and most importantly the coherent conduction of electric super-current in superconductor-semiconductor junctions; the first steps to the development of superconducting, zero resistance, transistors. These research activities in collaboration with Hitachi, led to seminal research on the superconducting transistor, and a number of patents on the implementation and application of the superconductor-semiconductor junction to high-speed computing and communications.

In the late 1990s and into the new millennium decade Adrian researched, invented, and developed a number of medical devices, including the delta laser, a low level laser therapy device, which integrates coherently four different radiances: infra-red laser light, multi-colour led light, ultrasonics, and magnetics. Adrian was a founder member of the company Radiant Life Technologies Ltd which worked to patent, prototype, and manufacture the delta laser into a number of different successful commercial products.

In 1999 Adrian became interested in the new energy field, and in particular the work of Tesla, Eric Dollard, and Edwin Gray, which triggered the search for a deeper understanding of the underlying practical mechanisms of electricity, both scientific and esoteric. What followed was a fascinating journey of discovery as he sought to understand and replicate the research, demonstrations, and measurements of key experimenters in the field at the time.

In 2003 Adrian established his own self-funded, not-for-profit, research company called AMInnovations, whose primary research activity to date is in the “Displacement and Transference of Electric Power”. Research into displacement of electric power attempts to understand the underlying coherent mechanisms of electricity, which appear to stem from the inclusive and inter-dependent relationship between the electric and magnetic fields of induction, and their balance and equilibrium throughout the common medium. To date, a lot of as yet unreported research has been undertaken by Adrian and co-workers at AMInnovations, and this is progressively being released in the form of online posts and video experiments on his website. Displacement of electric power, and associated theories and principles, remain Adrian’s primary research interest and work in progress.

PRESENTATION: ADVANCED MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES FOR TESLA COILS – Building, operating, and optimising a working Tesla magnifying transmitter (TMT) power transmission system for the maximum transfer of electric power with minimum loss, requires detailed measurement, tuning, and accurate generator and load matching. Measurement of such a TMT system in the frequency domain, using affordable yet sophisticated equipment such as a vector network analyser, can reveal a wealth of important experimental data. Properly interpreted, this data can show how best to operate and tune the system, as well as revealing a deeper understanding of how these fascinating electrical systems work.

Network analysis is a vast and complex subject which has classically involved considerable training, an established background in electrical engineering, combined with very expensive equipment. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce this advanced measurement technique in a simple and practical fashion with equipment affordable to the individual researcher, experimenter, or inventor.
The presentation, which includes a practical demonstration, is intended to lead the participant through the steps necessary to gain a working understanding of using a vector network analyzer, and to characterize the small signal impedance characteristics with frequency for a Tesla coil, and hence for a complete working TMT system. The presentation and demonstration includes:

1. An introduction to the basic principles of network analysis.

2. An introduction to the basic properties of Tesla coils, including resonance, coupling, tuning, and matching generators and loads.

3. Taking a look at equipment suited to this measurement technique both at the high-end, and the affordable end, with a comparison of the range of measurements available from both, and the likely accuracy and limitations which they present.

4. How to calibrate, setup, and prepare a network analyzer to measure a Tesla coil.

5. How to make impedance measurements over a frequency band, and interpret the meaning of the measured results.

6. Impedance measurement comparison under different operating conditions, including the effects of coupling, primary and secondary coil tuning, and loading.

7. How to identify the best points of operation from the measurements, and then optimize the system for the maximum transference of electric power.

8. How to match a generator to a Tesla coil using the measured impedance characteristics.

9. A live measurement demonstration using the complete transmitter coil from a working TMT system, and connected to a portable and affordable vector network analyzer.


William Alek is the President and CEO of Intalek Research, LLC. He is the inventor of the SmartPAKTM / SZTTM FREE Energy / Overunity Energy Management System (US9620280B2) and has more than 30 years of experience as an embedded computer hardware, electronic hardware and software engineering consultant. He has a BSEE degree from IIT Chicago, Illinois (1979).

PRESENTATION: REPLICATING TOM BEARDEN’S SCALAR WAVE TECHNOLOGY – The key to constructing power systems with efficiencies greater than 100% is to understand how the Phase Conjugate Mirror (PCM) Resonator Transformer/Capacitor arrangement) works. Energy researcher, Tom Bearden lectured exclusively on this topic back in the late 1990’s. Tom discovered a flaw in modern science that prevents this technology from being researched and developed as a practical source of energy. The flaw had to do with how Oliver Heaviside applied vector mechanics to simplify Electromagnetic Equations using quaternion mathematics originally developed by James C. Maxwell. The solution provided by vector mechanics shows that when the cross product of two opposing vectors is calculated, the result shows an empty zero-vector, which has no internal structure. Tom shows that using Maxwell’s original quaternion mathematics the same zero-vector is not empty, but has a complex internal structure called a Scalar Wave or a Local (Anti-) Gravitational Wave. The demonstration will show how this Scalar Wave is produced and how it can lead to the development of power systems with efficiencies greater than 100%. Examples of PCM Resonators includes Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter, Floyd Sweet’s Space Quanta Modulator, Stanley Meyers Water Car and William Alek’s Split-Flux Transformer.


Mark McKay SET, PE is the world’s leading authority on the real history of the E.V. Gray technology. His 12+ year analysis of this unique Free Energy phenomenon has opened up new possibilities into reverse engineering this very powerful, yet lost discovery. Mr. McKay has 35 years engineering experience in industrial power and control systems. He received a BS in electrical Engineering from New Mexico State in 1974 and is a Professional Engineer in the State of Washington.

Mark posted here frequently http://www.energeticforum.com/renewable-energy/3235-gray-tube-replication.html At the 2012 Conference, Mark McKay presented The REAL History of the Ed Gray Motor. That lecture reviewed the entire 32 year saga of the lost E. V. Gray technology. Its conception, early development, advancement, financial neglect, and final demise, was completely revealed by the testimony of the people who were actually there. Mr. McKay personally interviewed every member of Gray’s family, observers, investors, partners, and employees who were still alive and willing to talk. How this world changing technology was discovered and then lost again will was explained step by step. Everyone learned how inspiration, experimentation, cooperation, and hard work were beaten down by character flaws, greed, blind enforcement, and ignorance.


Parker Edmondson is known on TikTok as “dr.parkinstine” with over 800k followers! He’s 21 and is self taught regarding most of projects and experiments that he is conducting. He graduated from high school and attended one semester of college. He has always had an interest in days-gone-by. He loves collecting old electrical doodads like knife switch’s, rotary spark gaps, ward theater dimmers etc. His moto is simple is better (less is more). In the past, simple machinery was a big deal because there were less parts to have to repair and less breakable parts. That is why why he loves collecting antiques so much plus they look cool!


Bruce Leybourne, MSc., USA, Stellar Transformer Technologies (Owner/Operator – Business Development), Geoplasma Research Institute, (Research Director and Principal Investigator), Former Navy tenure at the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Centre, in the Geophysics Department, Also Gravity Magnetic Specialist for international offshore oil and gas survey work.

Bruce is an experienced geologist with extensive fieldwork worldwide with over 30-years of operational and managerial experience in the use of state-of-the-art data acquisition and analysis technology. He was invited to be Editor of New Concepts in Geoplasma Tectonics. He is the Principal Investigator, Research Director and Founder of Geoplasma Research Institute, and owner operator of Stellar Transformer Technologies. and Geostream Consulting. His specialty includes global gravity and marine magnetic data acquisition with offshore experience on-board seismic vessels acquiring gravity/magnetic data for oil and gas exploration. He has performed field investigations all over the globe. Recent ongoing field investigations occur within the Southwest United States, which reveal electric geologic events of the past.

During his Navy tenure he worked at the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, Stennis Space Centre, in the Geophysics Department acquiring and analyzing gravity, magnetic, seismic, bathymetric, and oceanographic datasets. This has included multi-beam seafloor mapping, oceanography, side scan sonar, gravity cores, current meter and tide-gauge deployments. Unique characteristics of these datasets began to reveal global tectonic and regional structural interpretations that were unknown to academic research institutions. His follow on research began noting interesting links to climate change instigating a series of related publications considering a Tectonic Forcing Function for Climate Modeling in 1996.


CEO, DBA Liberator Rocket Heaters – rocketheater.com

PRESENTATION: THE BOURKE HYDROGEN CYCLE – FACT OR FICTION? This presentation was originally going to be given by Roger Richard but due to some medical complications, Roger requested that Sky presents this on his behalf. Did the internal combustion engine work of engineer Russell Bourke provide us with the key to using ultra efficient HCCI, homogenous charge compression ignition? Dedicated research project with working models has produced some surprising results. There will not be a demonstration. However, Sky will show you an authentic 30 C.I. original Bourke Engine and may disassemble it for everyone to see – this one is owned by Roger Richard and Sky will also bring a second Bourke Engine, which is his own.


Jeremiah is an innovator, experimenter, discoverer and inventor of out of the box technologies and is currently perfecting Nikola Tesla’s favorite invention, the Tesla Turbine. He refuses to accept the idea that there is no way to harvest an unlimited quantity of energy from our surroundings.


Mike Clarke is a retired Doctor of Chiropractic, having been in private practice for twenty-eight years. Retired from that in 2006 due to shoulder issues. He was partially educated at DeVry institute of Technology and received a dangerous amount of education in electronics. That is, very little as he became homesick, left school and returned to the west coast of Canada. Then he went on to college in Idaho and later California, ending up in Idaho making sick people well until having to sell my practice and move on. His wife of 48 years and he have a small vineyard of about four acres, live on the river, are parents of five daughters and sixteen grand children. But all of that wasn’t enough to keep me from searching for something else. His partner in this motor is Norm Seid who has had quite a background in free energy devices. He has been dabbling in this since the late 70’s. Norm and Mike have known each other since 1980 and Mike considers him the answer man. He has been so excited about what they have done to this point and he believes it is the way of the future.