There is a higher level of understanding for electrical physics that is hidden in plain sight amongst the already known and accepted laws of electrical physics used by science and industry. The fact is there is no direct relationship between energy expended and work performed in the realm of electromagnetics.

Electrical power generation can be altered in many ways that negates any relationship to Newton’s third law and conservation of energy. Interacting magnetic forces can be rearranged to reduce or eliminate negative torque and magnetic drag.

This is what Nikola Tesla was telling us about reactive energy and the grid. Tesla said that an inherent energy value could be derived from reactive currents that were independent from prime mover forces.

It isn’t difficult to understand if you free your mind and dispel the camouflage that hides the true nature of electrical physics.

Esoteric theories about Zero Point Energy and the vacuum are fine. But everything you need to know about how to break free from Maxwell’s tyranny is already in your physics book.

Join us for a fresh look at what Tesla said about the subject and dispel the false limitations placed on electrical physics.