Jim Murray and Paul Babcock gave a landmark presentation that really set a precedence for high COP production in an electrical circuit that was actually demonstrated in front of a live audience.

The presentation covered the history of Tesla’s methods of using “reactive power” as an energy source. In reality, it is really “Reactive Watts” a term coined by Jim Murray – it is a power oscillation that produces real work.

The SERPS machine is the Switched Energy Resonant Power Supply designed by Jim Murray and this particular replication was built by Paul Babcock using his patented 4-5 nanosecond switching technology. This machine drew a little over 1 watts from the power supply while producing over 50 watts in light and heat in two incandescent bulbs.

The presentation will be available in about a week through A & P Electronic Media – so join the free conference newsletter to get notice when it is released.

Here are some photos from the presentation and demonstration. This conference is considered by many to be the most important energy conference of the last 100 years.