Here are pictures from the 2014 photo gallery of the conference with Eric Dollard.

Here’s Eric Dollard speaking during the Panel Discussion.

Eric Dollard Discussion Panel

A van full of “glom” donated to Eric Dollard by Mark McKay. Glom is slang for free stuff. This is right before the conference when Eric’s friend Steve, the director of EPD Laboratories drove up to haul this stuff back down to the lab.

20140621_100903 20140621_100916

Here’s Eric sitting next to John Polakowski’s Cosmic Induction Generator demonstration.


Eric Dollard and the legendary William Lyne having a conversation at the entrance of the presentation room.


Eric Dollard giving his 4 hour presentation – The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson.

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Hanging out after hours – from left to right – Aaron Murakami (me), Paul Babcock, Jim Murray and Eric Dollard.


A trip over to Paul Babcock’s company to watch some demonstrations. From left to right – John Polakowski, Aaron Murakami, Peter Lindemann, Eric Dollard & Jim Murray.

20140630_131731 20140630_131818

Eric Dollard looking at the photographs he signed for supporters of the Indiegogo campaign that raised money for the Advanced Seismic Warning System.


Another photo of Eric sitting next to John Polakowski’s Cosmic Induction Generator.


Standing next the legend himself.