Here are some pictures of John Polakowski at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

John is setting up his Cosmic Induction Generator so he can demo it.


John Polakowski giving a presentation on the Cosmic Induction Generator.

20140629_091802 20140629_091752

John Polakowski showing the tube being lit between the coils. He also demonstrated the neutral “black spot” that shows up in the middle, which is where energy is being desynthesized (destroyed) right into counterspace.

20140629_132721 20140629_132726

John Polakowski joining in on the panel discussion.

John Polakowski Discussion Panel

Some after conference visits to Paul Babcock’s shop. From left to right: John Polakowski, Aaron Murakami, Peter Lindemann, Eric Dollard, Jim Murray

20140630_131731 20140630_131738

John Polakowski setting up the Cosmic Induction Generator with Eric Dollard hanging out.