Congratulations to Ross Barrable and Jason Poteet!

The purpose of this contest was to get some musicians involved with this conference – especially as it relates to Eric Dollard’s presentation The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity.

To get an insight into where Eric Dollard is going with this, watch this interview:

The Eric Dollard Fan Club has covered Ross and Jason’s admission and lodging costs and we hope that after the conference, more musicians will be interested experimenting with the concepts and principles that Eric Dollard shares.

Ross Barrable is an Acoustic Sound Sculptor – you can see some of his work here:

Here is a bit of what Ross shared with us, “I am a musician, recording artist and Luthier. I generate my livelihood as an Acoustic Sculptor, designing and fabricating outdoor contemporary wind harps, and for the past 35 years I have been exploring the polyphonic nature of harmonic sound generated by the contemporary wind harp.

My primary artistic inspiration is drawn from my love affair with building and playing the folk harp, as well as my interest in the timeless principles of sacred geometry, which reflect the Divine blueprint of balance and harmony.

Through my acoustic research, I explore the resonant properties of various metals such as titanium, bronze and aluminum alloys as well as various tuning intervals of phi ratio harmonics. I apply what I learn to refine and expand the shapes, sound and interactive qualities of my contemporary Wind Harps. Through their interaction with gentle and steady breezes, the Wind Harps improvisational songs produce a living and dynamic soundscape that invites the listener to explore an inner movement that resonates with a feeling of expansion and freedom.

Philosophy of Music

  • The frequency and scale that I tune my instruments to has a profound effect on not only my experience of the music but other listeners as well. I always tune my folk harps and Wind Harps to scales using A= 432 Hz vs. 440 Hz. This Pythagorean tuning makes it infinitely easier to get into the “zone” when playing the harp, as well as makes the harp sound warmer with a richer harmonic spectrum.
  • The harmonic content of music spins the magic and allows the listeners to more fully connect with and feel the music. Acoustic stringed instruments like the harp or guitar can create a full spectrum of harmonic overtones when tuned correctly whereas electronically synthesized music typically is devoid of harmonics.
  • My direct experience of polyphonic music has been focused on recording the multilayered harmonics of the wind harps. I have found that there are three factors that determine harmonic stacking in this form of polyphonic music:

-The specific fundamental frequencies that the strings are tuned to.

-The intervals between the frequencies.

-The specific geometry of the wind harp, needs to be in resonance with the harmonic intervals generated as geometry serves as a wave-guide for focus of aetheric energy.

My experience listening to the polyphonic tapestry of several wind harps singing together on a balmy august night under the stars, in concert with a chorus of crickets has repeatedly inspired my drive and longing to understand the mystical beauty and power of sound.  

With the current interest in the science and art of music a new generation of artists has been birthed creating a culture of musicians who hold the intention to lift the human spirit.

“Pythagoras taught that music should never be approached simply as a form of entertainment. Rather, he recognized that music was an expression of “HARMONIA”, the Divine principle that brings order to chaos and discord. Thus music has a dual value because like mathematics, it enables men and women to see into the structures of nature”.”

Jason Poteet says, “I have been studying music throughout my life, been a paid church organist and choir director and have a small pipe organ in my dining room which I relocated from a nearby university and tune/maintain myself.  I am very interested in how music and sound affect the physical world around us.

Here is a PDF of some of Jason’s music interests: Music Imparts Beauty and Order To the Physical World by Jason Poteet