In addition to sharing information on breakthrough energy technologies, we also like to encourage others to BUILD, BUILD AND BUILD!

For this contest, we are looking for people to post their replications of a Tesla Style Crystal Radio according to the method taught by Eric Dollard in the Crystal Radio Initiative available here: Crystal Radio Initiative

The ultimate goal was for someone to build one that could power a 100 watt bulb from the ground transmission of an AM Radio Station. However, that is a lofty goal and would require a very sophisticated ground system (VERY LARGE) to do that. Even if you can light small pilot lamps, etc… that still proves the point. Please do not confuse with this a normal crystal radio that receives the radio waves through the air, this is through the ground where there is virtually no loss of energy between the transmitter and the receiver.

We will keep this contest open for a while and encourage you to post your work in this thread:

The winner will receive FREE ADMISSION to the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference and $400 CASH at the conference. You can apply that money towards travel and lodging fees or even the parts you purchased to build your replica.

We may even allocate some time for you to do a presentation on your experiment so you can be a part of history.

Everyone is eligible to join even if you have been replicating some of Eric Dollard’s work for a long time so let’s see some action!