It’s getting close to being your last chance to register for the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference – there are only 15 Seats Left!

We have a little over 4 months to go and we’re already 90% sold out – AMAZING.


I was at John Bedini’s yesterday and found out what he was going to be presenting – it is a technology that is shrouded in mystery and many people have tried to make working models but they don’t actually understand what is supposed to be happening on the output. Some are actually selling these machines making all kinds of claims, but those machines do not actually do what the inventor intended. It is not surprising that John is the only one who has figured this out, built it and tested it. He’ll be showing this at the conference and you need to be there!

We’re confirming a few of the other speakers and will be detailing most of the conference presentations and speaker bios.

Register now while you still have an opportunity to take part in this historical conference!