Michael Water’s presentation has now been announced:

OPEN SYSTEM PHYSICS AND THERMODYNAMICS – This presentation will cover fundamental understandings of open system physics, open system energy sources and a turbine example that employs these principles. As a wind turbine, a similar output to conventional turbines can be achieved with less than a hundred times the flow force, producing electricity in winds as low as 1 MPH. The same principles can be applied to water, refrigerant or closed loop cycles. A new HVAC system has similar benefits.

You will learn two important facts: 1) Far more energy can be extracted from thermodynamic cycles than can be explained by traditional assumptions. 2) Closed system physics, one of our most basic scientific assumptions, has a fundamental flaw. This discovery provides a clearer understanding of energy and how it can be accessed.

There are only a few seats available so register now while you still have a chance to come to this historical conference: How to attend this Energy Conference