Mike Hirata - PC Precision EngineeringMike Hirata is an electronics entrepreneur and President of PC Precision Engineering, one of the largest electronics contract manufacturing related companies in the Dominican Republic. He spent 15+ years working for companies providing power electronics in the Inverter/Charger industry in the US before relocating to the Dominican Republic where he now resides with his wife and three children. http://www.pcprecisioneng.com/

Presentation: Mike will cover exactly what what an electronics manufacturer needs in order take an idea from conception to prototype to final production runs. This presentation is for anyone at all levels of development – you will learn exactly how to get your product into a marketable form.


Ron Hatton began his career as an entrepreneur in the late 70’s, helping his mother start an upholstery supply business in Winchester, KY. Following that, he joined the Navy in 1980-1983. In 1988, Ron began his quest for better fuel efficiency with his Brother, Don, modifying the fuel system on a 1984 Ford Tempo, taking it from 18.6 MPGs to an amazing 108, with HUGE gains in performance. Some of Ron’s businesses include the National Video Exchange, The Memeber One Network, On-Site Services, Doll Dandies, Inc., Wisteria House Products, MyFinalParty.com, and ClubHHO.com. In March of 2009, he discovered the modification for intake air streams now known as The Gadgetman Groove. Ron is now building a global company to distribute new and suppressed technologies in the field of engine efficiency, which revolve around the groove technology. It is proven to increase mileage substantially and boost power at the same time. Using a multi-gas analyzer, The Gadgetman Groove, which is currently in Patent Pending status, has shown a reduction in hydrocarbon emissions by up to 70% and sometimes more – this gives significant gains in most vehicles. Ron is dedicated to sharing the vision and teaching others. http://www.gadgetmangroove.com

Presentation: Ron will be presenting the story of The Gadgetman Groove, the operating theory behind it and some stories from people all over the country receiving way above average increases in mileage while reducing emissions at the same time. There will be a break after Ron’s presentation to witness an engine using his groovy technology.



Karl Smith DC, has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician in Spokane, Washington for over 21 years. Starting last year, Dr. Smith has been recommending stabilized redox signaling molecules to his patients for a wide variety of conditions. During this time, he has witnessed countless “miraculous” turnarounds in his patients, many of whom had shown little or no relief using other modalities or supplements.

Presentation: Electrolysis Mimics Mitochondrial Fountain of Youth – redox signaling molecules are normally produced in every cell of your body. These molecules are the very signaling messengers that the body uses to detect cell damage and initiate cell repair or cell replacement activities. As we age, these natural healing processes slow down because the number of these cell messengers is dropping. For decades, it had been thought that manufacturing redox signaling molecules outside the body was impossible, until it was accomplished by an atomic medical physicist approximately three years ago. Created from a very advanced patented electrolysis process, sodium chloride and water are dissociated and rebuilt into a total of 16 bio-reactive molecules in the same ratio that the mitochondria in our cells produce them. Dr. Smith will present some of the history and science behind this discovery, which is considered by many to be the most important medical breakthrough in the last 100 years.


Peter Lindemann Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. worked with John Bedini during much of the early development of the radiant energy battery charging technology. His Battery Secrets lecture presented at the last Bedini conference clarified much of the mystery behind how these chargers work and what they actually do to do the batteries.

Peter Lindemann is co-founder of A & P Electronic Media and has been making these revolutionary battery rejuvenators available through Tesla Chargers at http://teslachargers.com

Presentation: Tesla Chargers to be announced…


John Bedini is one of the true “living legends” of the Free Energy movement. Starting in the 1970’s with Bedini Electronics, John has become one of the premiere audio and circuit design engineers in the world. A prolific inventor, his “Bedini Audio Spatial Environments” (B.A.S.E.) remains the pinnacle of 3-Dimensional audio sound processing. With numerous patents on audio systems, regenerative electric motors and battery charging methods, John is constantly pushing the boundaries of science and technology. His recent developments in the field of Crystal Batteries are another milestone in John’s work to produce practical appliances that essentially power themselves. http://johnbedini.net/

Presentation: John will be sharing the genesis and history of the development of the crystal batteries that are being discussed and replicated at Energetic Forum in the Bedini Earth Light discussion thread. All details will be revealed openly so that everyone has the information on how to replicate the results. These cells are not the typical galvanic batteries that rapidly consume various metals or other ingredients and the only thing that needs to be added periodically is water. These batteries could be a lifesaver if the lights go out.


Chuck Hupp – Former U.S Navy engineer trained in submarine electronics and electrical systems has been involved in research and development of crystal battery technology with John Bedini. He has also been involved in the private sector as a I.T. engineer/ technician, training specialist, service manager, project manager, electronics technician and applications and design engineer for the N.H.R.A, theme parks and other private sector companies. Chuck has written many operations/technical manuals for companies and has a degree in computer applications in business. He is the chairman and trustee for various commitees that raise money for charities such as Special Olympics, Childrens Village, Disabled American Vetrans, Camp Hodia Diabetes, etc… Chuck also enjoys building haunted houses with John Bedini for charitable causes.

Workshop: Chuck will be heading up the Build A Crystal Battery hands-on-workshop that everyone can take part in by building a small variation of a crystal cell that he and John have been showcasing recently in the forums.


Jeane Manning - Breakthrough Power Jeane Manning received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Idaho and has been involved in the Free Energy movement as a journalist since 1981. She has been a speaker at energy conferences for decades, including venues in Canada, United States, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Jeane has authored many books, including The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery, NY, 1996); and Energie (Omega Verlag 2000); and co-authored The Granite Man and the Butterfly; Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, and her latest book — Breakthrough Power. Jeane has been Atlantis Rising magazine’s “Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution” columnist for 8 years. http://BreakthroughPower.net and http://ChangingPower.net

Presentation: Jeane’s talk on The Hidden Past & Magnetic Future will be an overview of a history that begins with the first magnetic motor, invented by Peter Peregrinus in 1269, and leaps to the 19th and 20th centuries — a time when nonconventional energy technologies were labeled “impossible free energy”—and on to today. This year the pace of breakthroughs is accelerating. The sampling of inventions discussed and shown via Powerpoint slides includes magnetic motor/generators ranging from Hans Coler’s to Osamu Ide’s; and may also include Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell, the Clem engine, Floyd Sweet’s solid-state energy converter, and newer discoveries. Jeane will also discuss breakthroughs in understanding how the technologies work, and wrap up with how clean energy abundance can transform our world if enough people get involved.


Mark McKayMark McKay SET, PE is the world’s leading authority on the real history of the E.V. Gray technology. His 12 year analysis of this unique Free Energy phenomenon has opened up new possibilities into reverse engineering this very powerful, yet lost discovery. Mr. McKay has 35 years engineering experience in industrial power and control systems. He is presently employed by Tyco Fire and Security in Spokane, WA as a Sen. Project Engineer developing large scale Fire Alarm Systems. He received a BS in electrical Engineering from New Mexico State in 1974 and is a Professional Engineer in the State of Washington. Mark posts here frequently http://www.energeticforum.com/renewable-energy/3235-gray-tube-replication.html

Presentation: Mark will be sharing his research about The REAL History of the Ed Gray Motor. This lecture will review the entire 32 year saga of the lost E. V. Gray technology. Its conception, early development, advancement, financial neglect, and final demise, will be completely revealed by the testimony of the people who were actually there. In the last 10 years, Mr. McKay personally interviewed every member of Gray’s family, observers, investors, partners, and employees who were still alive and willing to talk. How this world changing technology was discovered and then lost again will be explained step by step. You will learn how inspiration, experimentation, cooperation, and hard work were beaten down by character flaws, greed, blind enforcement, and ignorance. Told for the first time in public, this is the REAL story of Ed Gray and his fantastic self-running engine.


Paul Babcock has twenty-nine years of experience in industrial electronic applications, as a technician, training specialist, service manager, project manager and applications and design engineer. Paul has worked with public entities and private organizations in fields ranging from avionics, power generation, telephony and alternative energy. He has broad experience designing and implementing custom communication and electronics systems in both the public and private sectors, and in developing large-scale communications solutions for the oil and gas industry. Paul is recognized for his expertise in alternative energy systems and power generation for companies and individuals, especially in remote locations. Paul is the principle inventor and co-founder of FlyBack Energy, Inc. http://www.flybackenergy.com

Presentation: Paul will be discussing New and Better Ways of Harnessing Magnetism. Beginning with a quick explanation of WHY there is no direct relationship between the amount of magnetic flux produced and a given quantity of electrical watts expended, Paul goes on to review all of the major Electrical Laws and show which ones are immutable and which ones can be circumvented. Using a combination of mathematical proofs, physical demonstrations, and films of experimental equipment running, Paul will leave no doubt that MAGNETISM IS ENERGY. Once the REAL Laws of Nature are understood, engineering new and radical solutions to today’s energy problems becomes routine.


David SquiresDavid R. Squires graduated from San Jose State University in 1976, with a BSEE degree. He worked in the semiconductor industry for the next 19 years as a designer. In 1995, Dave switched to the EDA side of the industry (Electronic Design Automation), specializing in high speed (fast SPICE) circuit simulation. In the same year, he began his study of “free energy” physics, with a special emphasis in magnetic field behavior and design. By exhaustive use of magnetic field simulation in the last few years, Mr. Squires has discovered a series of revolutionary principles that allow for the design of advanced electric motors and generators.

Presentation: David’s presentation, Realizing Power Gain in Pulsed DC Electric Motors, reveals new principles for electric motor design. These principles allow the realization of electrical energy conservation while mechanical power is produced. These are not exotic theories, but simple principles found in all introductory electrical engineering textbooks. They are simply applied in novel ways. This process leads to a deeper understanding of how mechanical power is really produced from magnetic field interactions in electric motors. Mr. Squires will expose, in detail, how this fits into pulsed DC motor design, to achieve motors that produce 6 times more mechanical power than the electrical energy dissipated. This presentation will show everything, from the theory, to the operational designs, to the mathematical proofs of advanced, high COP Electric Motors.


Peter Lindemann Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and developing alternative energy technologies. Peter is an internationally recognized Free Energy experimenter, author and lecturer, having produce more than four books and 6 educational films in the last 10 years on energy topics. He is also the founder of one of the oldest and most respected free energy websites on the internet. http://free-energy.ws

Presentation: Perpetual Motion Reality is a one hour lecture that will review the beginnings of Classical Mechanics, starting with Newton’s three Laws of Motion, and correlate these ideas to the work of Johann Bessler, Bruce DePalma, Viktor Schauberger and others, to produce a clear understanding of WHY Mechanical Perpetual Motion machines can be built, and where the energy comes from to produce the power gain.