At the 2012 Conference, Mark McKay presented The REAL History of the Ed Gray Motor. That lecture reviewed the entire 32 year saga of the lost E. V. Gray technology. Its conception, early development, advancement, financial neglect, and final demise, was completely revealed by the testimony of the people who were actually there. In the last 12 years, Mr. McKay personally interviewed every member of Gray’s family, observers, investors, partners, and employees who were still alive and willing to talk. How this world changing technology was discovered and then lost again will was explained step by step. Everyone learned how inspiration, experimentation, cooperation, and hard work were beaten down by character flaws, greed, blind enforcement, and ignorance. Told for the first time in public, this is the REAL story of Ed Gray and his fantastic self-running engine.

Presentation: NEW ED GRAY DISCOVERY REVEALED – New information has come from an associate of Ed Gray. Audio tapes were found in an attic that gives revealing details on the solid state power supply that Ed Gray used.