Any of the attendees can confirm or deny what I’m saying but I’ll give you my own brief insight. I only mentioned Eric’s because quite a few people were asking.

Paul & Jim’s was beyond important. They shared where the principles came from in Tesla’s work that made the SERPS type technology possible. It’s been right there for many years, but apparently hardly anyone has ever figured it out. They both shared much of their background – since Paul’s motor patent was finally granted, he showed a test video of the machine producing a COP of about 3.0, which equates to about 250 watts per horsepower. Paul’s SERPS replication with his switching was shown back in the exhibit/vendor room and it was operating at a COP of about 50.0 (5000% more work in a resistive load than is drawn from the power supply).

William Lyne’s presentation was very interesting – kind of went in a few directions but for the most part, he relayed quite a bit of his background, how he got into a lot of this, and gave his opinions on the origins of the “UFO” technology that many people see. Right when he started to get into the atomic hydrogen technology, I had to leave for a bit so will have to watch it on video when it is edited. He is really quite the gentleman and there were so many synchronicities between us that it was amazing – to me personally of course.

Floyd Rigby and Bruce Rigby went through quite a bit about how his auditing method has saved companies, cities and schools over $720 million and it is MUCH bigger and involved than I thought. He is at the top of his industry and has completely rearranged what I thought utility auditing was all about.

Jeane Manning moderated a discussion panel with most of the speakers. Bedini couldn’t take part because of his video agreement with Craddock and Lyne wasn’t up on stage with us because when I was gathering everyone together, I didn’t know where he was. Quite a few people told some of us that it was actually the discussion panel that “locked it in” for them to know who they’re dealing with and not just a bunch of techie geeks – but people who are awake and very conscious about wanting to be very intentional about changing the paradigm of how energy is used in the world today, etc.

Mark McKay shared some new information that came from some recently discovered audio tape conversation with some of EV Gray’s investors/engineers but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hear most of it because I was called away for some other business. I know just a bit about what Mark talked about but will have to hear the rest when it is on video.

My own presentations (two of them) were on the Plasma Ignition and Water Fuel and was a bigger hit than I thought. I thought hardly anything would be new to anyone, but to my surprise, it was new for most people in the room so that was good. I showed more of my jet engine project that I never shared publicly including running it with recycled exhaust, plasma, etc. and the propane valve pressure was touching the 0 PSI mark on the scale. Too small to measure with the gauge I had, but is a HUGE difference considering before doing all of that it needed 8 PSI. I debunked every major skeptic’s argument against HHO boosters and I ever debunked the proponents of HHO booster claims as to why they work – and I did it with most JPL, NASA, DOE, etc. documentation showing the facts, which are completely indisputable in addition to shining light on what Meyer was really doing that all the Meyer “experts” continue to deny.

Peter Lindemann showed a demo of an SSG that put the spikes to a comparator cap circuit to charge another battery and in that mode, we all know that it is easy to get over 90% recovery in the back battery. When it is switched into “generator” mode, which Bedini shared last year, we had it tuned up so good that the front draw increased by 50% but the output in the caps increased by 100%. So if in normal mode we can get 90% recovery and in this mode, the input goes up by only 50%, yet the output is doubled – well, too many people think they know everything about the SG, but really don’t know much about it at all. We were only willing to share so much here but Peter did show a generator coil lighting up 40 white LEDs pretty bright and while doing so, the RPM dropped 0 RPM. We can probably light up several hundred LEDs pretty bright still with 0 drag on the rotor with this method. This was a preview of what is to be explained in the 3rd SG book. I’ll repeat – front draw increased by 50% but the output in the caps increased by 100%.

John Bedini revealed quite a bit about his linear current regulator circuits. These are the basic circuit in the new solar charge controllers. On the back end of an SG (designed for the SG), they will convert the spikes to a lower voltage steady direct current. They’re very important circuits and John even played an audio amplifier using the same type of circuits that are in the solar charge controllers – you’re listening to the current. It is really out of the box. We didn’t film this but the same type of presentation on this circuit was already filmed months ago.

John Polakowski gave an awesome presentation on the Cosmic Induction Generator. I missed most of it because I was called away again, but he did go into a lot of very specific details on its operation. There was a demo in the exhibit room. It still has the lower power supply but was still able to show the neutral black spot in the tube between the coils, which is a point of “counterspace”, which energy apparently synthesizes right into it. Looks like at one point, the entire tube went black. The filament transformer got fried at one point and smoked and almost set off the fire alarm and sprinklers, but they got it aired out enough for us not to have to evacuate! Bedini had a spare one that worked at his shop, some diodes and maybe a cap that made the demo a possibility.

There were plenty of breaks and free time for people to network and spend time with the speakers asking more questions and watching the demonstrations.

Anyway, that is a basic rundown of what was presented. Many people personally told me that it was the best conference they have been to in their lives on any topic. More than one “overunity” device was demonstrated for all to see. We had a full house with people from all over the world – mostly US and Canada. And for me personally, it was quite an honor to sit at the discussion panel with with some of the most brilliant pioneers of the modern day “free energy” movement!

We aim to get 2-3 presentations released by the end of the month.