This year’s conference had a star-studded cast of some of the most brilliant researchers and developers in the alternative energy and electrical sciences field. On Sunday before Eric Dollard’s monumental presentation, Jeane Manning moderated a discussion panel with all the speakers.

The exceptions were… Floyd Ribgy who spoke on energy auditing was no at the conference on Sunday, William Lyne could not be found when gathering everyone up and John Bedini has a contract with Tony Craddock, which prohibited his participation in the discussion panel.

Jeane Manning is a long time promoter of alternative energy solutions, is a regular contributor to Atlantis Rising magazine, is the author of multiple books and has been featured in alternative energy documentaries. Her most recent book and website Breakthrough Power is available here: Breakthrough Power

We started off with an introduction of everyone at the tables and Jeane Manning asked a few questions, which we all answered. After, some questions were taken from the audience.

A video of the discussion panel will be available as a FREE download very soon after we have it rendered in a downloadable format!

In the meantime, here are a few photographs that a few attendees took on their phone.