Presentation: FRIDAY, TESLA SOLAR TRACKER V demonstration showing that you can get more to the batteries from solar panels with this solar charge controller than with any other method currently available. The demonstration will be using a thin film low light amorphous solar panel. Although these panels are less efficient than mono or poly crystalline panels that just means they take up a bit more area to produce the same power. However, in low light conditions, the low light panels can sometimes give over 80% of the full-sun voltage meaning that even on 100% cloudy days, you still still get a strong charge in your batteries. Combining the Tesla Solar Tracker V technology with the amorphous panels is a revolutionary quantum leap in solar charging technology.

Presentation: SATURDAY, ADVANCED LINEAR REGULAR CIRCUITS – Watch as John Bedini demonstrates his latest circuits, which take the inductive spikes being discharged from the SG’s coils and converts it directly to usable steady DC.These are the same circuits available in the commercial battery chargers at Tesla Chargers. This means that you can take the inductive spikes from one SG, put it through his special process and directly run another SG from the output since it is steady DC. This is a process that has never been publicly revealed.