Recently, a long time fan of our conference and its speakers has graciously covered the cost for the conference, hotel and food for 3 days, for 5 lucky Electrical Engineering students!

The goal here is to get more of the youth involved with the kind of science and technology shared at the Energy Science & Technology Conference. This is an * AMAZING * opportunity to get to personally know some of the top people in the world in their own respective fields, pick their brains, get inspired, see some demonstrations, network and make contacts, and have a LOT of fun!

There will be 2 hotel rooms with 2 queen beds, which is 4 beds so someone will have to sleep on a couch or trade places each day. There is a fund for meals and your $300-400 conference fee is covered as well. That is a $600 giveaway to 5 different students! All you have to do it cover your own travel to and from the conference.

We’ll be posting details on how to qualify to become one of these lucky students, the age restrictions, proof of enrollment into a credentialed electrical engineering school, etc. SO STAY TUNED!

In the meantime, please share this message with  everyone you know who might be interested by posting it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. by using the share buttons below.