We just listed the final two speakers. Check out the 2015 Schedule and the speaker bios.

The first is Doug Lindstrom, PhD with the AIAS (Alpha Institute of Advanced Studies). He works with Myron Evans who Tom Bearden considers the most important physicist alive. Doug Lindstrom will be sharing his knowledge about the ECE Unified Field Theory and its ability to make sense out of LENR (Cold Fusion).

That is really all we had space for but we’re starting Friday morning earlier than usual for anyone that happens to be ready – Paul Babcock will be debunking all the ethanol bad press you have ever heard. He’ll still be talking on magnetics later on, but this starts the day.

Later on, I’ll (Aaron) be presenting on how to apply the Plasma Ignition to wasted spark ignition systems, which can make it practical for millions of cars on the road today. I’ll be discussing the simplest way to accomplish this. The wasted spark ignition has been the single most frustrating issue with those who have tried to take advantage of this ignition method only to find that it is difficult to accomplish with more modern cars. My aim is to make this issue a thing of the past.

We have 8 seats left and 43 days until the conference so if you want to come, fill out the registration form ASAP right here: https://energyscienceconference.com/registration-cost/registration-form-cost/

You can pay at the door with cash if you have to but we need to start getting a final count. Although there are 8 seats left, not all seats have been paid for yet so most likely you can still get in.

We’re limited to 150 but at this new facility, we might be able to squeeze in a few more people since it is a bit bigger but over the last 3 years, that has been the perfect number since it isn’t too big – most people get to spend quite a bit of time asking the speakers all the questions they want throughout the weekend.

See you at the conference!

p.s. We’ll be announcing the winners of the Music student contest very soon.