A private donor has generously covered the cost of admission to the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, food and lodging for Electrical Engineering students to help encourage more youth to become involved in these exotic energy sciences.

Please help us congratulate these four lucky winners and show our gratitude to the private donor who helped to make this possible!

Robert Davis

Robert Davis

ROBERT DAVIS – My name is Robert Davis. I am 17 years old and I currently live in a remote community in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. I graduated from High School this past year one year ahead of my peers. That wasn’t an easy feat as I had dropped out of school in Grade 10 because I just didn’t fit in. Gratefully, with some assistance from an alternative online learningprogram and a trade initiative I not only made up the time I lost but I completed my Grades 10, 11 & 12 as well as a foundation course in electricity at the local college all within 1 ½ years. Despite being the youngest in my electrical classes at college I graduated from the program with the highest ever final exam mark. I would say that I am the type of person that once I get a hold of an idea I fully go for it.

I have always found how something works fun and interesting. Electronic devices I saw as mystical. As a kid I began to take various devices apart and put them back together (or not) in order to understand how things work. From there I moved to taking apart computers, soldering and de-soldering basic electronics, etc. I became interested in free energy when my mom would complain about our electric bill because I was always running a fan. I searched a lot on the internet about free energy. I learned about Tesla and his theories. I was hooked! I made a functional HHO cell but had to shut it down because the kitchen materials (pickle jars, etc.) I was using and the space I was working in (the furnace storage area) was making it dangerous and my mom was starting to freak out. I would say I have a creative mind and enjoy drawing my ideas on paper. My challenge has been turning those ideas into reality. .

Some of my philosophies are as follows:

  • As there are more and more people in the world,all using more technology, the need for energy continues to increase. Currently, we are just burning more fossil fuels. The conventional system has to stop.
  • I see humanity going in one of 2 ways; life can be free and beautiful once our need to rip up the land for fossil fuels has ended and we no longer NEED to work to pay for energy OR we totally deplete the non-renewable resources and live in a world destroyed in the process.
  • We shouldn’t have to work ourselves into the grave
  • There are men who are afraid of human progress because of the negative impact it may have on them making money
  • The internet began a transformation with mass information exchange
  • We can live in peace with each other and in harmony with the planet
  • Once the gates of free energy are opened I foresee a huge change and I want to be a part of it.
  • I am a huge fan of Tesla and if not for him and others I wouldn’t have had the knowledge to know where to start
  • Conceive = Achieve
  • Once we bring the technology to the world in an easy “packaged” sort of way that can be easily installed into any house, or anywhere in the world, then we will see a massive shift
  • As the ancient Greeks said “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.”
  • In the words of Jim Morrison of The Doors from his song “Do It” “Please, please listen to me, children. You are the ones who will rule the world.”

I believe that electrical engineering requires both creativity and a practical knowledge of electricity. I want to do more so I recognize I need to know more. I really, REALLY want to attend the energy conference because I know it will assist me in having a greater understanding of true energy/electricity. I was very impressed and excited watching the discussion panel from 2014 and I would be thrilled to meet the members of your panel and “pick their brains” so to speak. I want to contribute to the energy movement that has already begun and make an impact on the world but the question is yet to be answered how I can contribute. I consider myself kinetic. I start slowly but once I fully understand something I am like a boulder and there is nothing that can stop me.

Anas Abdel Rihem

Anas Abdel

ANAS ABDEL – I am a student of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology but my passion and hobby has been oriented around the electrical sciences, most times i am studying about the aether and its respective formative forces, and have personally come to the conclusion through my own research and Eric Dollard’s work that the atomic bodies we consider in the Nuclear science are really an etheric system in dynamic motion.

Ever since I walked into my school, I always looked forward to what it had to offer. I was a naive soul at that time, lost to the Sirens of conventional thought, and became entangled in all the jargon that was being thrown around to describe our reality. I struggled heavily when it came to my classes, not because I couldn’t keep up with the material, but because of the cringe worthy paradoxes I was forced to accept, and told to move on from, without any clear logic to satisfy my need for reasoning. Studying Nuclear Engineering became an extremely tedious task, and the mathematics that came with it only complicated things further. I was baffled, as a spiritually oriented individual, that such intelligent, definite manifestations were only being understood as material entities, with roots that were unnecessarily complicated. It felt like the physicists were lost in their math and as Nikola Tesla said himself; “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, eventually building a structure which has no relation to reality”. It became apparent later that the obvious truth to all of this was much more subtle and simple than just a trail of math equations, and intelligent structures were always inherently simple, with complexity only being a vast weaved network of smaller simpler truths cohering together in function and form.

Seeing one of Professor Dollard’s videos changed my life and frustration forever. Similar to how Alexanderson experienced an immediate shock upon reading Steinmetz’s symbolic algebra, I too felt like the man wearing a non-insulated lightning rod cap. Suddenly, discovery and truth no longer became a product of textbooks and proud parroting, and learning about my reality wasn’t a lucrative focus,but a diligent feat of expanding one’s own consciousness, beyond the known pastures and into the mysterious gardens bearing fruits of hidden treasure. Atomic bodies to me became organized polar systems in the ether that were repeated and used as the basic archetype for manifestations. The electron and proton became poles to me, and not “particles”. The phenomenal became a polarized condition of this primordial substance set into unrest through formative archetypes that classified its structure of repetition and rhythm as geometry. Nothing sung the melodies of truth and simplicity more than what Professor Dollard was preaching with regards to this ether, and the sudden complexities I drooled in frustration from before became nothing more than volatile smoke that quickly disappeared as if it never existed.

Coming to these conclusions immediately followed up with a deep burning passion to rectify the mistakes and misunderstandings that vastly plagued nuclear science today. Since then, I have always wanted to meet with Professor Dollard personally, and any other group of people following the same path, not only to empower myself in these engineering truths, but to also stand on the shoulders of giants and attempt to see the landscapes of hope ahead painting a picture of old truths raising above the dawn, shining once more where we were in terms of understanding.

Dejan Cvijanovic

Dejan Cvijanovic

DEJAN CVIJANOVIC – My name is Dejan Cvijanovic, I am 23 years old, and currently a Master’s student in Electrical Engineering at McMaster University. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Waterloo. I am of Serbian background, but my family immigrated to Canada early in my childhood. I also spent time in high school in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I am currently enrolled in my second term at McMaster University and starting to build Tesla coil for purposes of communications.

Let me first start off by saying I’m sure there are plenty of candidates who are deserving of going and this seems to be a tough choice. I cannot compare myself to others, but can merely give you a glimpse of my life and what has happened to me since I got interested in the works of Nikola Tesla. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Physics, I had a huge issue to deal with: What am I truly interested in? What are the textbooks not mentioning?

For the year off I had between my graduations and going into Master’s degree at McMaster, I simply researched what I was interested in. Surprisingly, I learned a lot. I started trying to research Tesla’s patents, and this was quite a laborious task. Just trying to understand what Tesla was saying was challenge enough! After researching subjects like Casimir effect, vacuum energy, plasma cosmology and Nikola Tesla, I was convinced there was something the physicists did not want to admit: We’ve been on the wrong path for a long time!

Thankfully, and I’m not even sure how, I stumbled across the work of Eric Dollard. Even when I just started to study him and his videos, I could tell he knew what he was talking about. He was confident because he recreated these experiments of Tesla. Others would talk about Tesla’s methods, but were obscure in their explanation. Dollard was different, he replicated most of them! Eric’s explanation and basically translation of Tesla’s work was amazing, and I feel like he is a legend in the game. There was no theoretical rubbish, all re-creatable. His engineering experience and expertise was clearly unmatched.

Also, I must mention I was barely given admission for my Master’s program. I had e-mailed my future supervisor asking about longitudinal electric waves. Thankfully, she replied and set up a Skype session to discuss. Even in my first term, I had to prove my worth. I had never taken a single engineering course and was now thrown into two: Microwave engineering and Antenna Theory. This of course went hand-in-hand with Dollard’s work. I sent him a letter to ask some specifics about the TMT to better my understanding.

Also, I must mention I was barely given admission for my Master’s program. I had e-mailed my future supervisor asking about longitudinal electric waves. Thankfully, she replied and set up a Skype session to discuss. Even in my first term, I had to prove my worth. I had never taken a single engineering course and was now thrown into two: Microwave engineering and Antenna Theory. This of course went hand-in-hand with Dollard’s work. I sent him a letter to ask some specifics about the TMT to better my understanding.

Finally, a few weeks ago I sent my supervisor a video showing a Tesla coil able to send signals to an unmodified radio through a nested Faraday cage! Of course, regular EM radiation would not allow for this, even at high frequencies. She was so impressed with this simple experiment, she wants me to replicate and reproduce this experiment! Even maybe test the Tesla coil in special chambers to see its performance. I am very much indebted to Eric for his knowledge and ability to share it; it has gotten me so far. Therefore, I am so much in debt already to Eric Dollard and the whole energy sciences movement.

I believe I deserve to go to the conference because life has lead me to this position where I can possibly continue the work, and this is a rare opportunity. More importantly, I still have so much to learn! Also, I think this would be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet a living legend, Eric Dollard, who has obviously inspired and taught me so much. I would like nothing more than to have this privilege.

Josh Vetter

Josh Vetter

JOSH VETTER – My name is Josh Vetter and I am currently enrolled in Electrical Engineering at North Dakota State University. I am 22 years old and am attending my senior year of college. I have been a hobbyist and tinkerer my entire life, and as far as I am concerned, it’s not about to slow down. I was born in a smaller community town in northwestern North Dakota, and since then, the areas of science and machines have dominated my life. Growing up I tinkered with anything that moved or had wheels on it. I would use scrap items from around the house and old toys, take them apart, and build something new with them. However, all of my little “projects” had one requirement, they had to have wheels or be mobile. As I grew up, my “toys” and my tools grew up with me as they do with most people, and eventually I advanced to building my first electric go kart when I was 11 years old out of some old hospital bed motors, and a wooden crate. My father is not a tinker nor is mechanically minded, so I had very limited resources, and not much for guidance with technical issues. I was on my own for the most part with my projects and ideas and making them come to life. When I was a 6th grader, I got my first soldering iron for Christmas, and this was essentially the beginning of my electrical career.

Through middle school, I built various electric vehicles and began using metal frames instead of wood. One vehicle I am quite fond of, it has earned me a lot of attention is a vehicle I named the GreenMachine 2. It is a motorized LazyBoy chair consisting of mobility chair motors, 2 12 volt deep cycle batteries, a treadmill frame, electric scooter parts, and complete with all the standard features a car has. Throughout high school, I continued my hobbies, advancing in circuit construction and design. I figured out how to make handmade printed circuit boards, which I still do to this day. I’ve got a knack for visualizing the PCB layout in my head, inverting it, than drawing it out with pencil on a sheet of paper to use as a guide for the real thing. Then I sit down with a sharpie and a chunk of copper clad board and hand-draw all of the circuit traces.   This is the method I use for all of my projects, which are all still handmade. I still attended other activities in high school such as band, steel drum band and jazz band. I have never been a sports player, or even remotely athletic for that matter. And when I had free time from all of that, my buddies and I would fix our cars together by going to the salvage yard to buy parts which we could barely afford. One thing I learned about cars from all of this is: they are cheaply built, they are clunky, and they haven’t fundamentally changed for 100 years.

Going to college, I was scared I would have to abandon my hobbies to work on school or because I don’t have the proper working areas anymore. While going to classes and doing homework, I manage to find tidbits of free time to tinker still, however, what I tinker with has become much more involved. During high school, I always had this crazy superstition I could get my gas go kart to run on water…I don’t know where I got this idea from but I always secretly wanted to do it. So in college, I began doing extensive research on whether this would be possible or not. Well what I found online seemed pretty hopeless across the board, so I began to think about how I would make my electric minibike have more torque and go faster without getting a new motor. And this is where my research into radiant energy, Tesla’s ideas, and battery charging began.

The past couple years, I have learned way more than I ever dreamed I would about electric machines, batteries, energy, and the reality of science. I have read through and experimented with Bedini’s concepts, rejuvenated batteries (which is incredibly amazing!), and rewound several DC motors to mimic Tesla’s dynamos. I have also played around with plasma ignition and attempted to put that on the go kart (which I still have trouble getting to work). The go kart is now water injected and gets a few hundred miles per gallon. I have tried building all kinds of different battery chargers, radiant and not, some working and some not. I am currently working on a project which will try and combine a few of these concepts by implementing them on an electric scooter, which will recover the counter-EMF from the motor and more than double its output speed and run time. This is an incredibly exciting field! It has almost become a lifestyle and makes college classes and labs seem pretty dull. I now sit in my engineering classes and think about how the machines or circuits we learn about could be different, more efficient or how they intentionally kill off the counter EMF.  This field of research has been very eye-opening and I hope to be able to do something with this knowledge as a career someday.

Besides the fact I have been trying to go for 2 years now, I think I should be picked because I would like to further my education and research in this subject area. I have purchased quite a few lectures and videos from previous conferences and get so much out of each one of them. I am also looking forward to learning new things at this conference, and gathering all the new information the speakers will give this year. I have been following these conferences for a while now, and they seem to keep getting better, so now is the time to attend, in my final year of college. I have been financially responsible for my college expenses and am going off student loans and funds I’ve made from summer jobs, so money is tight right now. This is the reason I did not attend the conference last year. To be one of the five lucky Electrical Engineering students would be a great honor.

In school, we have learned a lot of conventional methods. While there is merit in a lot of what we learn, I continue to notice that there seems to be more to the story. Through some of the videos and online research and some of my personal experiments, I know that there are many areas where conventional electronics and methods break down. I would love to go to this conference to further increase my knowledge on free energy devices and principles. I firmly believe that there are many problems in this world that can be fixed with the use of these devices. My brother has cerebral palsy and every seven years he needs to get a non-rechargeable battery replaced for a pump inside of him, which involves an invasive surgery. The last time he had the surgery, there were some complications that took a few days to get fixed and he will have to go through this again in six years. A free energy device would minimize the number of times he would need surgery.

Conventional batteries do not last as long as they should, in part because the loads are too electrically demanding, and the chargers aren’t doing their job. It does not make sense why we should just accept these inefficiencies in our systems. I see a lot of prehistoric methods being used and I would like to do my part to try and fix them. Based on the positive results I have gotten so far in my experiments and with some of my research on the internet, and your videos, I think this conference would help me turn the corner and give me a more well-rounded view on open-loop systems and principles. I am a hands-on thinker so having the opportunity to see some of these devices in person and talk to the inventors and great thinkers in free energy will be invaluable to me. This is not just a hobby for me, this is one of the greatest passions of my life.